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The South Square Trust History


In November 1979 The South Square Trust was created by Arthur Grimwade a Director of the auctioneers Christies. As he had received a scholarship at school, it was his wish later in life that others should benefit from his good fortune. He wanted to help encourage education in the arts as well as provide funds for donations to general charitable purposes. He and his wife Helen subsequently made further gifts to the Trust during the rest of their lives increasing the scope and size of the grants made by the Trustees.

Neither of them wanted their names connected with the Trust during their lifetime and the Trustees were sworn to secrecy as a result. Now, with anonymity no longer necessary, the Trust continues to make grants and donations in line with these original aims directly supporting a number of schools as well as individual students on a range of arts courses.

Further donations have been received from other sources and are particularly welcomed from those who have previously benefited from the support of the Trust - Further information on donations

To see the schools which are currently supported by the Trust please click here Supported Schools - Appendix 1

The guidelines, Trust’s funding criteria and application process for general charitable donations can be found under Individuals and Charities