A new South Square Trust Award was set up in 2021 to support the Skills Training Programme offered by the charity arm of Contemporary British Silversmiths

Image © Miriam Hanid / Andrew Florides


Contemporary British Silversmiths is the leading membership association for contemporary silver in the United Kingdom.

The CBS Charity arm supports the association’s objectives to advance, maintain and develop the craft of contemporary British silversmithing and design nationally and internationally. It offers subsidised exhibition opportunities and training, aiming to enable artists and artistic practices to develop by raising individual profiles, nurturing creative talent and expanding audiences through public engagement.

Contemporary British Silversmiths

Being part of CBS has hugely helped me grow as a silversmith. I’ve been able to learn new skills without financial constraints and to push my making skills, paving the way to becoming an established practitioner.

Katie Watson

CBS Graduate Member & Skills Training Programme Recipient

Katie Watson

Images below: James Dougall; Junko Mori; CBS Skills Training Programme; close up of engraving by Angus McFadyen.

Miriam Hanid
Ryan McClean, Silversmith
CBS Skills Training
CBS Richard Fox Cruet Set