We assist talented young people in the UK who are being educated in the fine, applied or performing arts at one of the institutions we support

The institutions we support nominate full-time students each year who, based on talent and their financial circumstances, are considered suitable recipients for a scholarship to help them with fees and living expenses.

The Trustees visit each of the institutions we support on a regular basis, in order to satisfy themselves on the quality of the course and to meet the students SST is supporting.

Our activities have evolved over the past forty years – for a time we accepted unsolicited appeals from UK charities, and for many years SST was open to applications from students taking arts courses at institutions where we did not have an award scheme.

In the past few years, we have increased our support for silversmithing students in recognition of our founder’s professional background, and of the fact that silversmithing is an endangered craft in the UK.

We also make grants to charities with which Trustees or the family have a particularly close association.

To strike a balance between the current needs of students and those of future generations, we invest our funds to generate income and capital growth. The Trustees aim to distribute (via grants and other expenditure) 5% of total assets each year, from a combination of income on investments and capital growth.