The South Square Trust was formed in 1979 by silver expert Arthur Grimwade. There’s more about our history below

The South Square Trust was formed in 1979 by Arthur Grimwade, who was then a Director and the Head of Silver at Christie’s auction house.

When the company floated on the Stock Exchange, Arthur decided to endow a new charitable trust which would primarily support young people taking degree courses in the fine and applied arts.

He wished to share his good fortune: he had received a scholarship at school and wanted to have a long and lasting impact by helping others in a similar fashion.

The new charity was named The South Square Trust after the address of the law firm advising on the transaction, as Arthur Grimwade wished to remain anonymous during his lifetime.

Arthur and his wife Helen made further contributions to the Trust in the ensuing years, increasing its ability to make grants. 

Later, in 2018, another family trust, The Mrs Helen L Grimwade Charitable Trust, was merged with the charity.

In 2019, the Trust converted from an unincorporated trust to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) and updated its governing documents to reflect current best practice.

Over the first forty years of its life, The South Square Trust has made grants totalling £5.25 million, helping over 3,000 students.

Arthur Grimwade