Answers to some of the questions we are commonly asked are below

I have been accepted on a course you support at the college I attend – how can I apply for a scholarship from the Trust?

Congratulations! All our scholarships are distributed by our partner institutions so you cannot apply directly to us for funding. But you can ask your college whether you are eligible for an award.

I don’t study at one of the institutions you support – can I apply for a scholarship?

No. Regrettably, we no longer provide scholarships direct to individuals.

My tutor told me you have supported students doing my course – can I apply for funding even though I am not at one of the listed colleges?

We’re afraid not. Past students on your course may have received support from us when we were making grants to individuals, which is no longer the case.


I am keen to help young arts students and would like to support the work of SST – is that possible?

We are always grateful for donations. For more information please see here.

I am a fundraiser and would like you to add the college I work for to the list of selected institutions which receive an award each year. How do I do this?

Although we do from time to time make changes to the list of institutions we fund, this is the result of research done by the Trustees. We do not entertain unsolicited proposals for support.

I see from your Accounts that you make grants to charities – can I apply for a grant for my organisation?

Such grants are only made to charities which are carefully selected by the Trustees. We regret that unsolicited applications for grants are not accepted.